60 Second Industry Update | May 13 2020

??? 60 Second Industry Update ???


? Health Workforce Certificate- These are being processed in the usual 10 business days however; if you are disputing a decision be aware that these are passed to the Department of Health to be reviewed by a committee. Usually 30 business days, they’re taking up to 2 months currently due to COVID19. 


? AMC MCQ & Clinical Exams are still postponed but we should get an update any day now about whether June MCQ exams will go ahead. 


? There is a lot of confusion around whether GPs are eligible for JobKeeper. David Dahm is running a webinar on this tomorrow night. See here to register: http://medicalrepublic.com.au/webinar-to-sort-out-jobkeeper-for-gps-confusion/28686 or if you have general questions we have our onsite ninja’s Rob & Petra from Xperion & Innova to help you out. 


? COVID Stats: 6964 total cases, 97 deaths and 6229 cases recovered. 

What do People Medical Do?

Our team specialise in:

  • Permanent Recruitment of General Practitioners
  • Assisting Doctors with:
    • Application to jobs (Employment CVs, Covering Letters & Selection Criteria)
    • AHPRA Applications, Position Descriptions & Supervision Plans
    • RACGP Time Assessments
    • Medicare Applications & Exemptions from 19AB and applications to the 19AA 3GA programs. 

We’ve also built amazing relationships with businesses who specialise in

  • Accounting
  • Migration
  • Relocation
  • Law
  • Insurance
  • Business Brokering
  • Mortgage Brokering
  • Temp/Locum GP Recruitment
  • Hospital/Specialist Recruitment


We started our business to help as many people as we can, so if you need something please give us a shout! 


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