We have previously covered the Specialist Pathway for RACGP, so this week we wanted to break down the ACRRM Specialist Pathway!


Through the ACRRM Specialist Pathway you will complete your assigned learning assessments and experience and at the end of your program you will receive your Fellowship with ACRRM. You will transition to Specialist Registration as a General Practitioner in Australia.


Below we will discuss the eligibility criteria, assessment process and what is involved in the program.



You will be eligible for Specialist Recognition if you have 1 of the recognised qualifications listed below and if you meet the following criteria:

  • Verification of Qualifications
  • English Language Test (If needed)
  • Recency of Practice (or Re-Entry to Practice Plan)
  • 2 years full-time experience as a General Practitioner after the Fellowship Qualification was obtained
  • 3 years equivalent General Practice experience post internship


The following qualifications are eligible for Specialist Recognition:

  • Belgium: Specialist Certificate in General practice/family medicine
  • Canada: 
    • Certificate in Family Medicine from College of Family Physicians Canada (CFPC) + Evidence of Canadian Qualifying Examinations Part 1 +2 post 1992 can apply for Fellowship ad eundum gradum
    • Holders of the CFPC pre 1992 on certification of the College of Family Physicians Canada can apply through ACRRM’s Specialist Pathway
  • Denmark: Specialist Certificate in Family Medicine
  • Hong Kong: Fellowship of the Hong Kong College of General Practitioners
  • Ireland: Members of the Irish College of General Practice (MICGP) that are graduates of ICGP through passing the MICGP examination
  • Netherlands: Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice
  • New Zealand: 
    • Fellows of the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine New Zealand (FDRHMNZ)
    • Fellows of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (FRNZCGP) holding the Certificate of Completion of Training can apply for Fellowship ad eundum gradum
  • Norway: Certificate of Specific Training for General Medical Practice
  • Singapore: Fellowship of the College of Family Physicians Singapore
  • South Africa: 
    • Fellowship of the College of Family Physicians (FCFP)
    • Holders of Master of Family Medicine, South Africa (M Fam Med)
    • Holders of Master of Medicine, South Africa (M Prax Med)
  • Sweden: Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice
  • United Kingdom: 
    • Membership of the Royal College of General Practice holding the Certificate of Completion of Training (MRCGP with CCT)
    • Membership of the Royal College of General Practice holding the Certificate of the Joint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice (MRCGP with JCPTGP)
    • Membership of the Royal College of General Practice holding the Certificate of Completion of Training from the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (MRCGP with PMETB)
    • Membership of the Royal College of General Practice (MRCGP) via iMAP
  • USA: Holders of Certificate of the American Board of Family Practice (ABFP)




The first step will be to apply for an Interim Based Assessment to determine if you are eligible for the program. You are required to have applied for the verification of your qualifications prior to applying to ACRRM for recognition. 


Your documents will then be checked by an IMG Assessment Coordinator to ensure nothing is missing and if satisfactorily completed, your application will then be reviewed for comparability.  


Applications need to be submitted in hard copy and comply with the certification guidelines. 


As part of your application, you will need to provide the following:

  • A Completed Application Form
  • ACRRM Position Description
  • Payment Form 


After your assessment you will be assessed with one of the following:

  • Recommendation as eligible for next stage of assessment for comparability; or
  • Not comparable 




If you are approved to proceed to the next stage, you will be invited to participate in a structured interview. All interviews are conducted via videoconferencing and it is your responsibility to source an acceptable venue that complies with the rules and regulations of ACRRM. 


The interview panel will consist of 3 FACRRM Doctors and 1 Community Representative, with 1 member appointed as the Panel Chair. You will be asked questions to determine and confirm your training and experience and your knowledge, skills and attitude equivalent to a FACRRM. 




The Panel will produce a report based on your comparability and will include any recommendations for the period of professional review and learning objectives. 


There are 3 outcomes you can receive:

  • Substantially Comparable
    • Will need to undertake a period of professional review for the 12 months prior to achieving Fellowship in Australia
  • Partially Comparable
    • Will need to undertake a period of professional review for 2 years prior to achieving Fellowship in Australia
  • Non-Comparable
    • Not eligible to continue on the Specialist Pathway


This outcome will be provided to the Medical Board of Australia through ACRRM. 


A reassessment is not available until 12 months after the original application outcome unless there are exceptional circumstances. 




The first stage of your application, the initial review to ensure no information is missing can take up to 10 working days. The Paper Based Assessment to ensure you are eligible can take a further 10 working days. The Structured Interview will then take up to 30 working days and a final outcome of your comparability can take another 10 business days. 


If you have provided all information and are comparable to a FACRRM, the process can approximately take 12 weeks.




After being deemed as Substantially or Partially Comparable, you will apply for either Limited or Provisional Registration with AHPRA. If you are eligible through the Competent Authority Pathway, you will be required to apply for Provisional Registration. ACRRM will recommend a specific Level of Supervision to AHPRA based on your assessment. 




The period of professional review will be for a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum of 24 months of practice and will depend on the decision of the Panel. 


The period of professional review will include the following:

  • Clinical Practice under Peer Review
    • The Practice and Supervisor will need to be approved by ACRRM prior to commencement and learning objectives will need to be set every 3 months for the Doctor. A Supervisor’s report on the Doctors performance is due every 3 months. 
  • Completion of the SIMG Orientation Program
    • Requirement to complete the SIMG Orientation Program, which will involve online modules based on the domains of ACRRM’s primary curriculum.
  • Participation in Professional Development Program (PDP)




During the Period of Professional Review, you will also participate in assessments. The assessments you are required to complete will be determined by the Panel and will commence after 6 months on the program.


The assessments you may be required to complete include:

  • Multi Source Feedback
    • Report based on feedback from the applicant, their peers, their Supervisors and some patients.
  • Mini Clinical Examination
    • Examination that assesses the applicant’s clinical competence, including communication skills, history taking, physical examination, clinical judgement, clinical organisation and efficiency.
  • Multiple Choice Question Examination
    • 3-hour examination that consists of 125 questions and assesses the applicant’s recall, reasoning and applied clinical knowledge. 
  • Case Based Discussion
    • Discussion of 6 cases covering at least 6 curriculum statements across 3 separate sessions. Required to demonstrate evidence of clinical knowledge and application of knowledge, formulating differential diagnoses, ordering relevant investigations and providing suitable management plans. 
  • Structured Assessment using Multiple Patient Scenarios
    • This assessment is a blend of the OSCE and the traditional viva voce assessment. 




Once you have completed your period of professional review and assigned assessments, you will receive your ACRRM Fellowship and be eligible to apply for Specialist Registration with AHPRA. 




The fees for your placement on ACRRM will depend on the assessment from the Panel. To review the possible fees, you can check over the table at this link:




If you are looking for further guidance on the ACRRM Specialist Pathway or would like to ask further questions about the information mentioned, this is something our team can help you with. Contact us directly on [email protected].


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