In Australia, there are 2 options to become a Specialist General Practitioner; you can complete your Fellowship with ACRRM or RACGP and will be recognised as a Specialist with either Fellowship. 

ACRRM Fellowship

ACRRM Fellowship is suitable for rural and urban GPs; however, it has specifically been designed to prepare GPs to work in a rural or remote context. 

To be eligible to complete an ACRRM Fellowship, you will need to be enrolled in one of the following ACRRM Training Programs:

  • AGPT
  • ACRRM Independent Pathway
  • RVTS

All GPs training towards Fellowship with ACRRM must complete the following assessments:

  • Formative Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX): Completion of nine consults
  • Supervisor Reports (Every 6 months)
  • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)
  • Multiple Choice Question Assessment (MCQ)
  • Case Based Discussion (CBD)
  • Structured Assessment using Multiple Patient Scenarios (StAMPS)
  • Procedural Skills Logbook

Once these assessments have successfully been completed as part of AGPT, ACRRM Independent Pathway or RVTS, you will be awarded Fellowship with ACRRM.

Additionally, through the ACRRM pathway GPs will be provided with the opportunity to participate in Advanced Specialist Training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Surgery. 

RACGP Fellowship

Fellowship with RACGP is a specialist general practice qualification that is suitable for GPs throughout Australia, including urban, rural and remote areas.

RACGP has the following pathways available to proceed to Fellowship:

  • AGPT
  • FSP (previously the PEP)
  • RVTS
  • General Practice Experience Pathway

For the General Practice Experience Pathway, you will be eligible to sit for the RACGP Fellowship Exams once you have 4 years of GP experience assessed by RACGP if you are not on AGPT or RVTS.

To achieve Fellowship with RACGP you will need to pass the following exams:

  • Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)
  • Key Feature Problem (KFP)
  • Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) previously the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Please note, as of January 2022 RACGP will require anyone wanting to achieve Fellowship with RACGP to be enrolled in an accredited training program, such as AGPT, RVTS or FSP (previously the PEP). 

Which College Should I Complete My Fellowship with?

This is entirely up to you! We would recommend having a look over the programs required to sit for either ACRRM or RACGP Fellowship and the Assessments/Examinations you are required to complete to determine what you would prefer to do.


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