Can I work on SAPP if I’m working on AMDS?

Can I work on SAPP if I’m working on AMDS_

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Can I work on SAPP if I’m working on AMDS? 


This one is short and sweet- No. You can’t.  


Why not?! 

Special Approved Placements Program (SAPP) provides a 3GA program for doctors with extenuating circumstances that fall into the following categories:  


  1. Participants who demonstrate ‘exceptional circumstances’(Medical)
  2. Participants who were removed from another full-time program before completing requirements for Fellowship
  3. Participants who were removed from the Rural Locum Relief Program two-year program
  4. Participants seeking vocational experience
  5. Participants limited by their medical registration
  6. Participants responding to a pandemic, other national emergency, or local disaster.


If you’re working on another program- any program- then there is no evidence to support your application onto SAPP.  


What are all these acronyms?! 

It’s confusing to have all these acronyms thrown at you!  


A GP who is a permanent resident of Australia or a citizen of Australia, who is a NON VR (has not completed fellowship) is restricted by 19AA, requiring you to be on a 3GA program before you can access Medicare (Read more about this here: 


These 3GA programs include:  

  • After Hours Medical Deputising (AMDS) 
  • Australian General Practice Training (AGPT)   
  • Rural Locum Relief Program (RLRP)  
  • Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) 
  • ACRRM Independent Pathway (ACRRM IP) 
  • Special Approved Placements Program (SAPP) 


To tie it in to the question, if you’re eligible or currently working on one of the other programs then you’re not eligible for SAPP even if you fall into the medical category.  


You need to think about and forward plan your journey from when you first start working or decide to get PR.   


How Can We Help? 

We know it is frustrating. If you need help with understanding or planning out how you’ll achieve your fellowship, please contact our team. We are here to help.  


People Medical Consulting are a team of professionals with a passion for guiding those specialising in the Medical industry to find their career pathway and settle into Australia. Working with both Australian trained and Overseas trained professionals, we have extensive experience in Recruitment of General Practitioners, and   Document Assistance for those requiring support with RACGP, AHPRA, 19AA and 19AB Medicare Exemptions. 


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