Celebrating The Wins…


When I say team, I’m not only referring to my internal team at People Medical, but every client we have worked with – finding you a job or finding you a health professional makes you a very big part of our team…

I feel like it’s no coincidence that People Medical’s 1st birthday (AKA being OFFICIALLY registered as a business) coincided with the date I had planned to write another blog.

I’m setting the scene (to create drama)…The morning was bright and sunny – I’m wandering around the office thinking of the million topics I could write about and had absolutely decided on another until it was brought to my attention that as of today, we have hit 12 months in business!

OK, so I have been aware it was coming – we’re having a celebration this Friday in our office which was obviously not planned this morning but it leads me seamlessly into my blog hence you’ll have to bear with me!

I was also advised that the statistic for entrepreneurs failing in their new business was around 8 / 10 … Which got me thinking – what is it that makes a business succeed? What is it that makes YOU succeed in your endeavours?


Is it Passion? An absolute love for what you do, pushing you to speak to one last client – or patient  (in your case!) – Working an extra hour to make sure that person gets what they need?

Is it Knowledge? Making sure you’re on top of every little bit of information so that people know that by coming to you, they’re getting the right information every time?

Is it Commitment? The willingness to go the extra mile for your client – or patient. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Seeing through the bad days and holding strong for the good moments that will inevitably come.


I’m doing a general call for what you think it is that makes a business succeed and what you think makes you succeed. Email them to [email protected] – Shout out to the best answer – we will be posting it on the site on Feel Good Friday.

In the meantime, once again – a Massive Happy Birthday to People Medical Consulting and thank you so much to our team and all our amazing clients for their support over the past year.


Have an amazing day, and don’t forget to be awesome.


Signing off, to go have a celebratory coffee…and cake (which is definitely a win!)


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