COVID-19 and General Practices

It’s COVID19 – patients are hiding in their homes and aren’t coming into your practice. What do you do?

First things first, reach out to your accountant. They can help you build a plan financially, and to understand the incentives the Government are offering such as JobKeeper & the low interest loans! They’ll help you cut costs where you need to but don’t make any hasty decisions- take a breath and think of your options! 

Right, now reach out to your patients! Now is the time to increase customer services levels by going to your customers instead of waiting for your customers to come to you! 

We asked a few of our clients what they’re doing to keep their patient numbers up (and therefore their doors open!). A few things that our current clients are doing are:


Having their reception & nursing staff contact: 

  • Elderly patients to make sure they’re OK. Some of them live alone at home and may not have family checking in on them. They may need updated health plans, they may not be aware of how to have a telehealth consult or they may be afraid to come to the Doctor as they’re not sure what procedures you have in place to keep them safe. Talk to them and let them know you’re here to support them. 
  • Chronic Disease patients to explain how they can continue to get the treatments and support they need. 
  • Patients who suffer eating disorders, or mental health issues. RACGP have released an article about patients who suffer eating disorders struggling due to the massive change in routine from having to stay home. 
  • Patients whom you haven’t seen in 12 or more months – have they had their annual blood tests to check their health? Is there anything they’ve been meaning to see the Doctor about and haven’t had the chance to? 
  • Patients whose pap smears are due- these still need to occur and can be done safely following COVID19 protocols. 

Nurses and Reception staff can then book in a telehealth consultation or for the patient to come to the practice. 


Advertising Their Safety Measures 

Patients are scared. Let them know what you’re doing to keep them safe when they come to see you as a Doctor. Remind them that they’re allowed to be out of the house if they’re coming to or from a medical appointment. Looking after their overall health is the number one priority!  

These are some of the great suggestions our clients have advised. 

Best of all, you’re DOING something. It will give encouragement to your team, who are potentially terrified about losing their jobs. It will give encouragement to your patients, who see you’re reaching out to make an effort during a stressful time. It will give YOU encouragement, because being in business is tough right now! 

Do you have some ideas on how your practice, and others, can be proactive? 

Send them in so that we can share! 


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