Cyber Risk

While you can’t avoid cyber risk, you can make sure your practice is prepared for and protected against cyberattacks.  


Our team have been in touch with MDA National to discuss what you need know about Cyber Risk. In this blog, we cover the following:  

  • What is Cyber Risk? 
  • Why is it important to be vigilant? 
  • Tips for Cyber Security 
  • Where can I find more information? 




The institute of Risk Management defines ‘Cyber risk’ as any risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organisation from some sort of failure of its information technology systems.  




Cyber risk is a growing threat to Australian medical practices and is further increased by electronic health records and billing systems, and the Federal Government’s mandatory data breach obligations.  


MDA National reports that Healthcare employees are especially vulnerable to email-based attacks in particular due to the high volume of personal health information they access, their frequent email communication with patients, time constraints in acute care settings, and highly publicised ransoms are being paid by clinics and hospitals because of this. 


It is important to stay vigilant with cyber security to minimise the potential impact to your business’s information and infrastructure.  




  • Keep frequent backups of all critical information and systems, ensuring that backups are stored securely off site and not connected to the network to prevent their loss due to fire, theft or malware. 
  • Automate Software Updates, this can improve the performance of your software’s ability to detect and remove potential vulnerabilities.  
  • Subscribe to security alerts published reliable sources such as:  
  • Stay Smart Online: 
  • Scamwatch: 
  • Vendors for the software and devices your business uses. 
  • Be aware of your obligations to report breaches of individual information and have a plan for accessing technical and legal advice.  
  • Provide staff with training around Cyber Security. 
  • Have a plan in place, should an incident occur.  



MDA National offer a 24-hour cyber crisis hotline, the contact number is 1800 027 428.  


Cyber Risk Education is also available for MDA National Members and Practice Indemnity Policyholders which includes:  

  • Online access to case studies,  
  • Articles and blogs by global cyber experts  
  • Quarterly cyber risk email updates to support you in mitigating cyber risk, and  
  • Cybersecurity education sessions.  


Note, they are also offering complimentary Cyber Risk Cover for MDA National Practice Indemnity Policyholders until 30 June 2019. To find out more about this offer, visit –  



Information for this blog has been taken directly from: 


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