Do I need Supervision on MDRAP…?

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MDRAP is for non VR doctors that have different general practice experience, and supervision is dependent on the doctor’s general practice experience.

  • Doctors without or with less than 6 months prior general practice experience should:
    • Work at least 1 month full time under level one supervision, as decided by the Rural Workforce Agencies’ (RWAs) MDRAP Delegate
    • If applicable, as an AHPRA recency of practice registration standard, submit a completed “Plan for professional development and re-entry to practice”
    • After a month, the supervision levels and progression will be reviewed by the supervisor and RWA.

  • Junior Doctors or Doctors in Postgraduate Year (PGY) 3-5 should:
    • Work at least 1 month full time under level one supervision
    • Check with the supervisor if the doctor is competent, and work under level two supervision for at least 5 months
    • After 6 months, the supervision level of the incoming 12 months will be reviewed by the supervisor.

  • Doctors with prior general practice experience
    • Their general practice experience will be evaluated according to the duties and location of the work
    • For doctors with more than 6 months prior general practice experience, they might not need to acquire the specific MDRAP supervision requirements
    • Doctors should maintain their medical registration and meet the conditions specified by AHPRA

Doctors with more than six months prior general practice experience do not have to meet specific supervision requirements for the MDRAP unless required by AHPRA. However, a doctor’s previous experience will be considered when assessing suitability to work at a specific location.

In addition to the MDRAP supervision requirements, doctors must continue to maintain their medical registration and work within the conditions set by AHPRA.

For more information about supervision, you may refer to our MDRAP blog here.

Note: The information presented above has been gathered from the Department of Health and Aged Care website and has been updated as of 2023-09-12.

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