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Have you been staring at a position description, AHPRA application, your RACGP time assessment or selection criteria and thinking…where on earth do I start? You’re not alone. We work with Medical Practices, Doctors, Specialists, Medical Recruitment Agencies & Hospitals to assist them in preparing their applications & documents. Because really- you specialise in being a Doctor or a Practice Manager. We specialise in this!

How Do We Help?

We Prepare Your Documents


We can help you understand what you're eligible for, point you in the direction of the right jobs for you and assist you in preparing.

  • Career Consults from $30
  • Employment CVs from $250
  • Covering Letters from $120
  • Selection Criteria from $240

Practice Recruitment

Practices get a lot of CVs and often aren't too sure who is eligible to work with them. We can review CVs for you, and build a plan for you to identify the most suitable GPs.

  • Check CV Eligibility from $50
  • Recruitment Plan from $250
  • Advertising for GPs from $495
  • Recruit For You info listed here


Our team can help you know which PESCI provider to apply to, and we can assist you with preparing for IME, RACGP & ACRRM. 

  • PESCI CV from $250
  • Position Description from $400
  • Supervision Plan from $400
  • Exemption Letters from $400
  • Training Plans from $400


We help you know what you are eligible to apply for and then we prepare it for you! 

  • AHPRA CVs from $250
  • Application Forms from $200
  • Re-Entry Plans from $400
  • Refusal Responses from $100
  • Letters to AHPRA from $100
  • Work Performance Reports from $200


We can help you prepare your applications for GP Training, Exemptions and Medicare.

  • HW019 Form from $120
  • Letter of Support from $50
  • MDRAP applications from $1400
  • Exemption Request from $120


We can help you prepare your RACGP Experience Assessment, applications for Specialist Recognition and Comparability Assessments!

  • Experience Assessment from $50


Our team can help you make a plan- If you're feeling lost about who to hire or what jobs you're eligible for- stop feeling lost! We are here to help! 

  • Journey Map from $250
  • Orientation Plans from $400
  • CPD Plans from $500

General Reviews

Have you done a document and just want an expert eye looking over it to make sure it's correct? We can do this for you! 

  • From $50 per Document

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