Dr Shahroze shares his experience and tips on passing the FRACGP exams.

Interview on FRACGP exams Dr Shahroze

In this series of blog posts, we’re speaking directly to doctors who have passed their FRACGP exams. We’ve asked them to share their experience with us and their best tips to help you prepare for yours!


This month, we had the pleasure of hearing from Dr Shahroze. Dr Shahroze began preparing for his exams 4 months prior to his exam date, advising us that managing work and study during that time “Was very hard!”. He lets us know which resources and courses he took which contributed to him passing his exam.


People Medical Consulting: What resources did you find most helping when preparing for your exam?


Dr Shahroze: John Murtagh and Red Book


People Medical Consulting: What Preparation Courses Did You Do?


Dr Shahroze: Imgsos and GP Academy


People Medical Consulting: What Suggestions Would You Make To Someone Sitting The Exam?


Dr Shahroze: Don’t take it as an exam. Take it as a normal consult at work- especially for the KFP.


Dr Shahroze also shares with us his point of view regarding the KFP exam, explaining that he feels that “KFP is nonsense” and “no-one will know if they pass or fail!”.


What we read as key thoughts from Dr Shahroze is to practice for and take the exams as if were a normal consult and don’t get too caught up on the exam aspect. Concentrate on expanding your skills and bettering yourself as a General Practitioner.


Have you taken and passed your Fellowship exams? We’d love to hear your experience, please contact us or go right ahead and answer our interview questions here.


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