Fantastic Recommendations To Help You Study For Your FRACGP Exams

In this series of blog posts, we’re speaking directly to doctors who have passed their FRACGP exams. We’ve asked them to share their experience with us and their best tips to help you prepare for yours!


This week’s doctor began preparing 3 months prior to each of her exams, in the interview below she shares her experience with us as well as some fantastic recommendations to help you study.


People Medical Consulting: How Long Before Each Exam Did You Start Preparing?


Doctor: 3 Months


People Medical Consulting: How Did You Manage Work and Study?


Doctor: Study while working is difficult. I tried to study during my work hours when I had no patients and routinely tried to study at least a couple of hours after finishing work.


People Medical Consulting: What Resources Did You Find Most Helpful When Preparing For Your Exam?


Doctor: Therapeutic guidelines; Very specific, concise.


People Medical Consulting: What Preparation Course Did You Do?


Doctor: KFP online, My Dr. for AKT


People Medical Consulting: What is Your Opinion On The Exams Themselves?


Doctor: Well conducted exams. KFP is quite difficult but hard to assess its appropriateness and relativity to GP setting.


People Medical Consulting: What Suggestions Would You Make To Someone Sitting The Exams?


Doctor: To know what the exams are about, try to attend the webinars organised by RACGP and practice a lot of questions.


Looking to attend some webinars organised by the RACGP? Find a list of available webinars here.


Have you taken and passed your Fellowship exams? We’d love to hear your experience, please contact us or go right ahead and answer our interview questions here.


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