Many of our GP’s are required to work rurally due to their restrictions. To help you out, we have had a look at what incentives you have access to in rural areas!




The GPRIP is an incentive to encourage medical practitioners to practise in regional and remote communities and to promote careers in rural medicine through the provision of financial incentives.


The program aims to retain these medical practitioners in regional and remote locations by providing incentives to continue to work in these areas.




To be eligible for the GPRIP, medical practitioners must:

  1. Provide eligible primary care services and/or undertake GP Registrar training placements under an approved training pathway in regional and remote locations (MM categories 3-7) within Australia; and
  2. Have an eligible current Medicare provider number; and
  3. Have provided current bank account details to Human Services specifically for the GPRIP.




The eligible primary care services are Medicare eligible services, Non-Medicare Services and GP Registrar training under approved training pathways.


Please note, eligible services are based on the practice or outreach location, regardless of the medical practitioner or patient address.




Practice locations within MMM 3 to 7 only are eligible for GPRIP.


For more information on the Modified Monash Model, please visit the Department of Health: .




Central Payment System (CPS) and Flexible Payment System (FPS):


There are two payment systems used for the GPRIP – the CPS and the FPS.


Medical practitioners who bill Medicare for eligible services receive automated payments made by Human Services through the CPS. Medical practitioners are not required to submit an application to access GPRIP payments through the CPS, they are only required to provide bank details to Human Services. After becoming eligible for a payment, medical practitioners must provide bank details within 60 calendar days of the date of the letter requesting bank details. You can update your bank details securely with Human Services via Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS) (See Section 2.6 for more information) or via the GPRIP Bank Details form found by visiting the Human Services website. See Section A for further information.


Under the CPS pathway, Medicare will do a quarterly assessment of your eligible Medicare services and your GPRIP payments are based on these services.


Medical practitioners need to apply under the FPS if they provide eligible non-Medicare services and/or undertake training (under approved training pathways) that is not reflected in the MBS records. Medical practitioners must apply directly to the RWA in their state or the Northern Territory



Active Quarters:

An active quarter is a quarter in which a medical practitioner meets the minimum activity threshold under the CPS and/or FPS.


New participants to the program practising predominantly in MMM 3-5 locations will receive an initial payment after completing eight active quarters within a 16-quarter period.


If a new medical practitioner is working across MMM 3-7 categories, they may need to complete eight active quarters before a payment will be made if the majority of their eligible activity is considered to have occurred in MMM 3-5. Activity (or inactivity) prior to 30 June 2015 will not be considered.



Pay Rates:



Payment Quarters:

Payments are determined by activity within quarters. Please note the numbering of quarters changed as of 1 July 2015

  1. Quarter One – July, August, September
  2. Quarter Two – October, November, December
  3. Quarter Three – January, February, March
  4. Quarter Four – April, May, June




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