General Practice Updates

In a constantly changing environment, we summarise the most important updates for General Practitioners. 

This week’s summary includes updates from:

  • The Department of Health
  • Medicare

and Check-ins with

  • AMC
  • 3GA Porgrams


Total Coronavirus Cases – 

There have been a total of 29,379 cases in Australia. There have been 0 new locally acquired cases and 14 overseas acquired cases in the last 24 hours, with 151 current active cases. 

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COVID Vaccinations – 

Registered health practitioners who are trained, educated and competent in all aspects of vaccine management and administration and who are authorised under relevant state and territory drugs and poisons legislation (medicines legislation) can administer vaccinations including the COVID-19 vaccines.

Medical practitioners and nurse practitioners can authorise/order vaccinations including the COVID-19 vaccines.

It is expected that the registered health practitioners who can authorise and/or administer COVID-19 vaccines will be required to complete additional training related to the handling and administration of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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ACRRM Independent Pathway Applications –

Applications for the ACRRM Independent Pathway are now open and will close 20th of April. 

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AGPT Applications –

Applications for the 2022 AGPT program are now open and will close Tuesday 20th of April

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PEP Applications –

Applications for the 2021.4 intake of the PEP program will open on April 12th. 

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RACGP Exam enrolment –

Enrolments for the 2021 Clinical opened on March 1st and will close on April 6th. 

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RACGP Exam delivery–

The 2021.2 KFP and AKT will once again be delivered face-to-face in COVID-safe venues and as a paper-based format.


Exemption for flood affected patients –

From 10 March 2021, people in flood affected areas are exempt from the requirement to have an established clinical relationship with their GP or other medical practitioner in order to access MBS COVID-19 telehealth services.


Exemption for flood affected patients –

Ahpra and National Boards have extended the support available from retired nurses, doctors and other registered health practitioners on the pandemic response sub-register for a further 12 months from this week.

The sub-register will be extended for eligible practitioners until 5 April 2022. Practitioners who are extended on the sub-register will be limited to practice only to help with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.

Medical practitioners, nurses, midwives and pharmacists who were on the sub-register and did not apply to transition to the main Register of practitioners are being extended on the sub-register up to an additional 12 months.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Health Practitioners who are on the register until 30 June 2021 and will also be extended on the sub-register.

To stay on the sub-register, practitioners do not need to do anything and do not have to pay fees.

There is no obligation to practise or remain on the sub-register.


AMC Clinical-

The examinations have recommenced from March 2021.

Candidates who were scheduled in the postponed examinations between March and June 2020 will receive priority scheduling based on the date and chronological order of their originally scheduled examination. To be eligible, candidates must not have withdrawn their position and must still be residing in Australia. Scheduling will be offered based on the order of the originally scheduled examinations.

The AMC will shortly commence contacting these candidates with newly available examination dates, determine if the date is at a suitable time, and agree acceptance with the candidate (or not). If you are unable to attend this exam date, you will continue to be prioritised for upcoming examinations.

The examination will initially be delivered via the Zoom platform. Once the candidate accepts the offered position, the new examination date will be updated by the AMC on their candidate portal in the following days. The candidate will need to login to their candidate portal on the day of the examination and a link will be provided to enter the examination.

Candidates will undertake the examination online. A personal computer will be required with a microphone and a webcam at eye level. All Apple computers, such as Macbooks and iMacs, or other personal mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets cannot be used for the examination. A reliable internet connection will be required and this is the responsibility of the candidate. Further technical specifications and guidance to assist candidates will be made available prior to the recommencement of examinations.

The examination blueprint currently remains the same. For each examination, eighteen (18) candidates will attempt sixteen (16) stations with four (4) rest stations. This is consistent with the in-person examination that candidates are familiar with at the time examinations were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • AGPT applications are now open.
  • RVTS applications are now closed. 
  • PEP applications will open on the 12th of April.
  • ACRRM Independent Pathway intake applications are now open and will close on April 20th.


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