Supervision reminds us that we all need to start somewhere

Supervision reminds us that we all need to start somewhere

Offering supervision for Limited Doctors is a topic around which myths and unknown are reigning. While there are many talented and wonderful International Medical Graduates who would love to start working and contributing to this country’s Medical Industry, Practices often seem to fear the challenges of supervision. (we wrote a very useful blog about this sentiment of fear and to clarify what supervision is about http://localhost/oldpmc/your-recruitment-solution/)


We have more than one client who overcame that fear, took the leap and supervised a Limited IMG. Our clients generally find the experience to be enriching and in most of times, it is the start of a long-lasting relationship with the Doctor who is showing loyalty and commitment to the Practice.

Last week, one of our clients shared with us a short story about their supervision experience and we think this testimonial perfectly shows how preventing that fear could lead not only to a great journey, but also to learning from each other.


‘The doctor came to us with limited employment options as he had been offered a position within daytime general practice which had fallen through. Our Principal, who tragically died in a MVA always felt compelled to help those in need and the doctor’s case was no different. Despite the fact that he required Level 1 supervision for an initial period, the Principal was more than willing to take up the challenge.

The doctor learned very quickly with our expert help and assistance. The Principal’s wife took up the Supervisor role following the loss of her husband and before long the doctor was a General Registrant. It has been a personally satisfying journey for all concerned and we have all learned a lot from each other. Whilst, supervising can be time consuming, it helps us to return to basics and to remember that we all need to start somewhere.’


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