How To Pass Your FRACGP Exams

How To Pass Your FRACGP Exams

In this series of blog posts, we’re speaking directly to doctors who have passed their FRACGP exams. We’ve asked them to share their experience with us and their best tips to help you prepare for yours!


This week’s doctor has passed all three of their fellowship exams and has some great tips and suggestions for you…


People Medical Consulting: How Long Before Each Exam Did You Start Preparing?


Doctor: I started preparing 1 year prior to the exams.


People Medical Consulting: How Did You Manage Work and Study?


Doctor: It was very hard but my family were supportive and I was able to take leave from work to prepare.


People Medical Consulting: What Resources Did You Find Most Helpful When Preparing For Your Exam?


Doctor: GP Academy as the materials and courses are easy for preparation.


People Medical Consulting: What is Your Opinion On The Exams Themselves?


Doctor: I found the KFP exam hard.


People Medical Consulting: What Suggestions Would You Make To Someone Sitting The Exams?


Doctor: Complete all of RACGP check (RACGP check is a learning program produced by the RACGP and can be accessed online via ‘gplearning), work through AFP important topics, take a few courses and have a study partner.


If you’re looking for a study partner reach out in one of our dedicated ‘Study Buddy’ groups over on Facebook, see you there!


AKT Study Buddy

KFP Study Buddy

OSCE Study Buddy

Have you taken and passed your Fellowship exams? We’d love to hear your experience, please contact us or go right ahead and answer our interview questions here.

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