I’m over 45…Can I apply for PR?

Over 45 PR

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This Week’s Question…?


I’m over 45…Can I apply for PR?


The short answer is YES, providing you fit into one of these groups:


  • Aged between 45 & 50 AND held (or applied for) a 457 visa prior to 18 April 2017 AND have worked for 2 years on that 457 visa




  • Have worked on a 457 (or for future applicants -a TSS) for 3 years as a Medical Practitioner AND 2 out of those 3 years in a ‘regional area’ as classified by Immigration (list of postcodes HEREAND you’re being nominated for PR in a regional area




  • Have worked on a 457 (or for future applicants -a TSS) visa for 3 years in the same occupation AND earned equivalent to the Fair Work High Income Threshold for each year which is:


2014-2015: AUD 133 000

2015-2016: AUD 136 700

2016-2017: AUD 138 900

2017-2018: AUD 142 000


You will need to meet additional criteria, but these are a starting point!


Applying for visa’s is becoming increasingly tricky, so we would always suggest talking to your migration agent or lawyer before starting any applications.


It’s also important to understand your restrictions when becoming PR. For General Practitioners, don’t forget about 19AA!


Having a Migration Agent or Lawyer that understands your industry specific restrictions is key.


There are lists of agents on the immigration website or of course we have our wonderful Kellee Gray who specialises in Migration for Medical Practitioners!


If we can help, please contact our team at [email protected]



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