Journey Map

Journey Map

Your pathway to Fellowship, Mapped out step by step

How our docuHelp team helps you...

Map Your Journey

Working towards a goal can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure of all the steps. What if you had them all laid out for you though? What if after hitting one mini goal, you had something to refer to that would tell you exactly what you had to do next? Introducing…Journey Maps! 

How Do We Help?

how does a journey map work?

Initial Consult

The first step to guiding you on your journey is actually understanding where you want to go. Once we know what you're looking to achieve, we can start creating a plan for how to get you there. 

Draft Map

We'll put together a PDF document detailing the steps you need to take to achieve what you want to achieve. We'll send this out to you to review, and get your final OK before making our final copy. 

Published Map

We create a mini website all about you! You'll have clickable links to follow based on decisions you'll need to make in the future. This map will take you all the way through to your future goals and include all the variables along the way! 

Wrap Up

We'll jump back on a call or Zoom with you to go over the Published Map and answer any follow up questions you have. A this stage, you should be feeling pretty confident about where you're headed! 

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