My RLRP placement has expired, what do I do now?


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My RLRP placement has expired, what do I do now?


What is RLRP & Why Do I Need It?

RLRP is the Rural Locum Relief Program, and is one of 6 General Practice 3GA programs for those who have Permanent Residency or Australian Citizenship but who are NON-VR (have not completed fellowship) and require a Medicare Provider Number.


A Little Info About RLRP

RLRP is a little different in every state; with some states offering a 2 year program to those who do not meet the criteria for the 4 year program (this is VIC and NSW at this stage, and it has strict criteria!)

All states offer a 4 year program, requiring their GP’s to have a minimum of 1 mentor and to complete their fellowship within the 4 year time span.


What Is This About Expiry?

Some General Practitioners, we are currently seeing, are getting to the end of the 4 year program without having passed their fellowship exams- and they’re being kicked off the program which means no more Medicare Provider Number!


Is There A Solution?

Special Approved Placement Program (SAPP) is offering short term placements to those doctors who have been removed from the program to give them time to complete their fellowship exams. There are strict requirements for those applying and it is important to meet the requirements of the application or risk being rejected.


Applications will take 28 business days to process, and you cannot work billing Medicare without access to a 3GA program so make sure you are prepared!


How Can Our Team Help?

Our team prepare SAPP applications and provide potential solutions to General Practitioners who are struggling to understand their pathway. We are always happy to help so please get it touch if you’re unsure about your pathway!


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