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Need help understanding your pathway?

In Australia, there are 2 Colleges that will allow you to become a Specialist General Practitioner; you can complete your Fellowship with ACRRM or RACGP and will be recognised as a Specialist with either Fellowship.

What College should I Fellow with?

This is entirely up to you! We would recommend having a look over the programs required to sit for either ACRRM or RACGP Fellowship and the Assessments/Examinations you are required to complete to determine what you would prefer to do. ACRRM aims to provide training to equip GPs with the skills needed to provide effective care rurally, whilst RACGP focuses more on metropolitan care. 

Do I need to be on a training program?

From 2022 it became compulsory for all doctors seeking Fellowship with either RACGP or ACRRM to have participated in an approved training program in order to be eligible to sit their exams.

This means, your first step towards Fellowship is to decide what training program you would like to join. 

What Training Programs can I be on?

There will be five pathways to Fellowship – FSP, AGPT, ACRRM Independent Pathway, RGTS, RVTS, and AMDS.

RGTS, AGPT, RVTS and ACRRM Independent Pathway will allow you to sit for the ACRRM fellowship exams. 

AGPT, RVTS and FSP will allow you to sit for the RACGP fellowship exams. 

What Training Program should I choose?

FSP is the new self-funded education and training program that replaces the Practice Experience Program (PEP) Standard Stream. This program reinforces RACGP’s objective of supporting doctors who aspire to complete their Fellowship via the General Practice Experience (GPE) Pathway.

The ACRRM Independent Pathway is a 4 year Specialist training program that assists GPs on the pathway towards ACRRM Fellowship and Specialist Registration.

The AGPT Program provides

  • Face-to-face case management from a dedicated Training Officer 
  • Personalised Medical Educator guidance 
  • A structured learning experience
  • Face-to-face education delivery with your cohort
  • Up to two years Recognition of Prior Learning

The Independent Pathway, and RGTS provides: 

  • Individualised case management from your dedicated Training Officer and  
  • Personalised guidance from your Medical Educator 
  • A comprehensive and structured online and face-to-face education program
  • A flexible learning experience through self-guided and facilitated online courses
  • Choose your own adventure and live, work and train in amazing locations nationally
  • Recognition of Prior Learning

The RVTS program is designed to accommodate the circumstances of remote practice and provide the best possible educational experience. Training is provided via distance education and supervision is facilitated remotely. Program delivery is flexible and designed to meet a participant’s individual needs.

The training encompasses:

  • Clinical skills
  • The nature of remote communities
  • Public health
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
  • Management skills and professional networks
  • Self-care
  • Advanced skills training

What assessment will I need to complete?

During the duration of your time on a training program, you will be expected to be working towards and sitting your Fellowship exams. 

For ACRRM Fellowship you will need to complete the following assessments

  • Formative Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX): Completion of nine consults
  • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)
  • Multiple Choice Question Assessment (MCQ)
  • Case Based Discussion (CBD)
  • Structured Assessment using Multiple Patient Scenarios (StAMPS)
  • Procedural Skills Logbook

For RACGP Fellowship you will need to complete the following assessments:

  • AKT
  • KFP
  • CCE

Once you have passed these assessments you will become a Vocationally Registered General Practitioner in Australia!

What does being a Fellowed doctor mean?

As a Vocationally Registered doctor you will be able to work in either the hospital system or general practice without supervision. Please keep in mind that if you are restricted by 19AB, you will continue to be required to work in a DPA area for the duration of your Moratorium. 

We Can Help You

Here at People Medical Consulting, we have a passion for guiding medical practitioners through their career pathways to Australia. We have extensive experience in assisting medical facilities in recruiting doctors from local and overseas who will best suit their requirements.

We provide Document Assistance for those requiring support for their PESCI with IME, ACRRM or RACGP, registration and all other mandatory AHPRA requirements, fellowship program related forms and letters, application for Medicare provider and prescriber numbers, application for 19AB or 19AA exemptions and preparation of employment documents.

If you’re looking for assistance, contact us at and we would be glad to help you.

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