People Med: Doctor Recruitment

Well, here we are.
Doctor Recruitment. General Practitioner recruitment. Medical Recruitment – however you want to describe us!

It’s been a few months since we have had our website up and running – largely due to the spontaneous decision to get a new website and to change our web host, followed by the realisation that our old website was hosted through the designer and therefore couldn’t be bought over! Further, the perfectionist in me couldn’t bare to launch until everything was perfect – which nothing ever is!

So our team managed to get through without one. I feel like in this day and age, that is an achievement in itself.


I’ve learnt so much about my team and my business during these months – and about you, our clients.

People Medical Consulting was started with the hope that we could put a bit of faith back to you, that we who dedicate our lives to recruitment are not the soulless money puppets we are often referred to as, but as people who honestly enjoy facilitating your career goals. Whether that’s helping you get your first job in Australia, helping your practice manager navigate the tricky DoH system or – you might be a seasoned expert at the system but without the time to do it!

Our team really do love to help – yes, we charge fees. We are a business after all. Overall though, we’re working in a very difficult business. People may enter recruitment thinking of the money but they stay because they love what they do – if they didn’t, they couldn’t hack it. It is not easy work, in the slightest – and if it is, you’re not doing it right.

Getting back to our NEW and SCHMICK website – the content was one of the biggest challenges. It seemed like no matter what I wrote, it was just not right. I took it to one of my business associates and said – WHY don’t I like this? Luckily, she had the answer ready for me.

Your team are not corporate. They are not cardboard cutout figures who spurt buzz words, platitudes and professional jargon. What they are is personal – they’re connecting with clients on a personal level because what you do isn’t just be about what people want professionally – it’s about what they’re trying to achieve personally as well.

Thank goodness for her. I deleted every single line that I had wrote trying to sound over professional, corporate and serious. I went back to the notes I wrote when starting my business and remembered the pages and pages of business names I went through trying to find the right one and I remembered why People Medical was created.

My team and I are here because we love to help. We want you to feel like we’re on your side and that we will fight to get you to where you need to be.

Our Key Words

Passion – is how we attack every day and every new challenge

Ethics – the way we deal with every situation

Openness – in every aspect of what we do, because honesty is integral to all good business partnerships.

Personality – Because we’re not interested in being just another corporate stooge.

Love – our job, our team, our business and our clients.

Expertise – Because we want to know everything there is to know about our specialist area.

I want to send out a massive message of thanks to the director of Digital Accord who spent many a night on Skype with me til midnight, putting up with my changes and my stress.

I want to thank my dear friend and business associate who reminded me of why we are here.

Most of all, I want to thank my team, of which YOU reading this right now are a part of. You make up so much of what we do here and I’m so excited to share our new website with you today.

Signing off, and heading off for a nap (just kidding! There is way too much to do!)

Doctor Recruitment

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