PEP Exam Preparation Term

RACGP has introduced the RACGP PEP Exam Preparation Term which is an optional term that you can undertake to prepare for the AKT and KFP RACGP Fellowship Exams. It is delivered online by Medical Educators and Examiners using authentic exam material from the RACGP exams questions bank and focuses on developing your clinical reasoning skills .

What do I get out of PEPExP?

PEPExP gives you access to 

  • Guided preparation by RACGP Medical Educators to support you to structure and plan your learning to achieve work and study balance
  • Structured examination preparation material directly mapped to the RACGP curriculum and PEP Learning Units
  • Access to AKT and KFP questions from the RACGP exam question bank
  • Validated feedback and answers to AKT and KFP questions
  • Access to RACGP Medical Educator feedback and moderated discussion groups
  • Access to a weekly webinar delivered by RACGP Medical Educators focussed on teaching clinical reasoning – an essential element for the RACGP Fellowship exams
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded peers, enabling development of study groups
  • Ability to earn CPD points

Am I eligible for PEPExP?

The PEPExP is suitable for PEP participants who are undertaking either the Standard and Specialist streams (partially comparable) in their final education term and who have demonstrated progression towards meeting exam eligibility within 12 months after completing the PEP educational component and who have had difficulties with previous attempts to complete RACGP Fellowship exams

How is PEPExP structured?

  • Delivered on-line – with weekly release of three AKT questions and one KFP question
  • Undertaken concurrently during your last term on the PEP (6 months duration)
  • Small group discussions
  • A closed Facebook discussion group via the GPs- in-Training Faculty, moderated by an RACGP Medical Educator
  • A weekly webinar with validated answers and a focus on clinical reasoning skills, preventative care, relevant guidelines and resources
  • Content is mapped to the RACGP curriculum
  • Unlimited access to complete suite of PEP Learning units, attracting CPD points
  • Case material uploaded each Friday
  • Webinar on Thursday for 1.5 hours
  • Links to recommended resources via the Facebook discussion group and gpLearning
  • Q & A with RACGP Medical Educators via the Facebook discussion group

When will PEPExP commence?

The first intake of PEPExP is in January 2021 and the second intake will be in April 2021. The term will run quarterly. 

How much does it cost?

The PEPExP costs $3,990. This includes the normal cost of a PEP term ($2,000) and an additional $1,990 for the exam preparation. 


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