Practice experience program – specialist stream

Practice experience program – specialist stream

As of the 31st of August 2019 the Specialist Recognition Program (SRP) will be closing and the Practice Experience Program – Specialist Stream will open on the 1st of September as a new method for a Specialist Assessment.


The Specialist Stream is for doctors with Specialist qualifications that would like to enter Australian General Practice through the Specialist Pathway.


We have included information below on what has changed and what will be involved in an application.



Why has this new program been created?

RACGP has decided to remove the possibility for Specialists to receive Fellowship instantly and will instead require a period of assessment to ensure they are practicing at the level of a Specialist.


If you are assessed as Substantially Comparable, you will be given 2 years to complete 12 months full time practice. Partially Comparable GPs will be given 4 years to complete 2 years full time practice and pass the Fellowship Exams.


In addition, GPs will be required to complete RACGP core modules and units, a Workplace-Based Peer Review and Supervisor reports as required.


Once these requirements have been met, GPs will be provided with their Fellowship.



Are my qualifications eligible for specialist recognition?

RACGP have stated that the following qualifications are eligible for Specialist Recognition:

  •         Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  •         Membership of the Irish College of General Practitioners
  •         Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners
  •         Certification in The College of Family Physicians of Canada
  •         Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice Sweden
  •         Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice Netherlands


RACGP has stated that the following qualifications is not available for Specialist Recognition:

  •         Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners – International (MRCGP-INT)
  •         Fellowship of the College of Family Physicians of South Africa – FCFP (SA)


If you believe your qualification may be eligible for Specialist Recognition but it is not listed above, you can have your qualification assessed with RACGP.




A comparability application is to assess your qualifications and experience to the standard of an Australia-trained GP at the point of Fellowship.


RACGP will consider the following factors when assessing your comparability:

  • Specialist qualifications and how these were obtained
  • Type of examinations completed for specialist qualification
  • All other qualifications
  • Recency of practice
  • Continuity of practice
  • Experience in general practice
  • Participation in continuing professional development


You will receive an outcome of Substantially Comparable, Partially Comparable or Not Comparable. If you receive a Substantially Comparable or Partially Comparable outcome, you can proceed to the next step of the application. Your results are valid for 6 months from the approval date.




To join the PEP Specialist Stream, you will need to be a financial member of RACGP. Additionally, you will need to complete a pathway application form.


With this form you will need to provide:

  • Current Medical Registration
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • A suitable Australian General Practice job offer
  • Mentor/Supervision Details
  • Current CPR Certificate


Doctors deemed Partially Comparable will also need to complete a competency profile.




If you are Substantially Comparable

As part of the program, you will need to complete 12 months full time work in the first 2 years of commencing practice, complete the RACGP Modules and Units and complete a Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA). Once you have successfully completed this process, you will be granted your FAEG and will apply for Specialist Registration with AHPRA.


RACGP will also conduct an audit into your practice after 6 months and assess you as either compliant or non-compliant. At the end of your practice, compliant doctors will be issued with Fellowship whilst non-compliant doctors will either be removed from the program or allowed further time to complete the requirements or an additional WBA. If the WBA is unsuccessful on 2 attempts, the doctor will be moved to partially comparable and will need to pass the RACGP Fellowship examinations.



If you are Partially Comparable

You will need to complete 24 months full time work in an RACGP approved GP position in the first 4 years, complete the RACGP Modules and Units and complete the WBA. Doctors will have 4 years of full-time work to complete the pathway requirements and successfully pass the Fellowship exams. A WBA will need to be completed every 6 months until the FRACGP exams have been successfully passed.




The workplace-based assessment will include the following:

  • Patient surveys
  • Supervisor/Mentor Report
  • Self-reflection on the differences between practice in Australia and the country in which the specialist qualification was awarded
  • Learning plan using the RACGP Planning Learning and Need tool (PLAN)
  • RACGP peer reviewer practice visit




Both Substantially Comparable and Partially Comparable doctors will be placed on Limited or Provisional Registration. Once you have successfully been awarded your Fellowship, you can apply for Specialist Registration with AHPRA.



Where can i apply for the pep specialist stream?

You will need to contact RACGP and express your interest in a Comparability Assessment. You can contact the team at


With this email, you should include the following:

  •         Your Full Name
  •         The Name of your Specialist Qualification
  •         The Countries in Which you Hold Registration


Please be aware, you will be asked to pay the fee prior to proceeding to the next stage.



What does the application involve?

With your application, RACGP will assess the following areas:

  •         Recency of Practice
  •         Continuity of Practice
  •         CPD
  •         Assessment Type
  •         Training Route
  •         Curriculum



How long does the comparability assessment take?

If you have provided all the information when submitting your application, RACGP may take up to 10 weeks to process your application.


The process may extend however, if RACGP has to request further information.


RACGP will advise you via email when your results are available.



What do i do after i have received the results of my comparability assessment?

If you receive an outcome of not comparable, you will not be eligible for Specialist Recognition. You will be required to pass the AMC examinations and enter General Practice through the Standard Pathway.


If you have received a Partially Comparable or Substantially Comparable outcome, you will be eligible to join the PEP Specialist Stream.



Can I request to have my application reassessed?

If there is any information that you believe was not assessed or you have additional information that will help your application, you will have 10 business days to submit a request for a reassessment.


Please note, a fee will be applied for consideration of additional evidence.


If you were unsuccessful in your assessment based on your experience, your application can be submitted again at a later. However, you will need to provide evidence further General Practice experience and engaging in CPD Activities.



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