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If you are submitting an RACGP General Practice experience assessment for overseas GP experience, you will be required to provide 100 points of evidence and respond to the 5 Domains of Practice for every position being assessed.

It can be confusing to know how to prepare your Domain Responses, so we’ve created a guide below for what is included and tips for preparing your responses.



RACGP have determined 5 domains of general practice that represent the critical areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to competently practice as a GP. 

Each Domain has separate areas within their topic to appropriately address all responsibilities with the Domain.

The first Domain is ‘Communication Skills and the Patient-Doctor Relationship’. Within this Domain, your communication skills, patient centredness, health promotion and whole person care skills will be evaluated.

The second Domain is ‘Applied Professional Knowledge and Skills’. This Domain will look at your experience across different types of medical conditions, your physical examination and procedural skills and your decision-making.

The third Domain is ‘Population Health and the Context of General Practice’. Included in this Domain is your experience as a GP with epidemiology, public health, prevention, family influence on health and resources available for patients.

The fourth Domain is ‘Professional and Ethical Role’. Within this Domain, RACGP will examine your duty of care, standards, self-appraisal, teacher role, research, self-care and networks as a GP.

The fifth and final role is ‘Organisational and Legal Dimensions’. This Domain will assess the information technology, records, reporting, confidentiality and practice management. 


The Domains are heavily weighted in your RACGP GPE outcome as it demonstrates how you practiced as a GP and your main responsibilities in this role. If you do not adequately answer the Domains, your application will be negatively influenced.



Now that we have explained what your Domains are and why they are important, lets go over how you should respond to them!

Within each domain, there will be a list of questions for you to answer. I have included how many questions you can expect in each Domain:

  • Domain one – 13 questions
  • Domain two – 15 questions
  • Domain three – 8 questions 
  • Domain four – 9 questions 
  • Domain five – 8 questions

We suggest responding to each question within a Domain separately, rather than addressing various questions in one paragraph. Additionally, you may feel like you are repeating the same response in some questions, but this is okay if it means you are addressing every section of that question.

Additionally, you will need to make your response specific to your role as a GP! It is okay if your way of practicing was not 100% comparable to the Australian process, but make sure you explain this difference. For example, if you worked as a full-time GP in a Hospital then you might explain how your duties were still those of a GP and the variety of medical conditions you saw. 

To have a better understanding of what information is needed under each Domain, you can read over the Curriculum for Australian General Practice 2016 at this link at the end of the page: 

Another tip is to make sure you run a grammar and spelling check and to read over your completed Domains to ensure they make sense before you submit them.

After you have finished writing all five of your Domains, you should have around 20 pages on a Word Document, but it can be more or less depending on how detailed you have made your response.


We can help with your RACGP Domains by reviewing them and providing detailed feedback on changes that need to be made as per our understanding of RACGPs guidelines. If you are looking for further guidance for a Domain Review or would like to ask further questions about the information mentioned, this is something our team can help you with. Contact us directly on

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