AANG-30 (Area of Need) VS ALPS-30 (Post Graduate Training & Supervised Practice)

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AANG-30 (Area of Need) VS ALPS-30 (Post Graduate Training & Supervised Practice)


I’m getting more doctors asking me about ALPS-30 as a pathway to Limited AHPRA Registration, rather than AANG-30. I want to clarify the purpose of the path, and the requirements for both the doctors applying and the practice.


What is it & what is it for?

ALPS-30 is the application form you’ll compete for Limited AHPRA registration, Post Graduate Training and Supervised Practice.

Typically, this type of registration is for international medical graduates (IMGs) who are undertaking supervised training in Australian hospitals or General Practice, who are working so that they can sit for Australian Medical Council (AMC) Clinical examination. You can also use this pathway if the practice you are applying for is not located within an “Area of Need” location.


 Your Requirements

The guidelines for this pathway do not specifically state you need to have a certain amount of General Practice experience, however there is no guarantee that AHPRA won’t take your experience into consideration when making their decision. It’s important to consider this if you’re applying for Limited AHPRA Registration.

As part of your application, you will provide AHPRA with a Training Plan document that outlines the CPD and other training activities you will undergo during the first year of registration. This can include activities to close any gaps in your clinical knowledge, the study you will undergo in order to prepare for sitting your AMC clinical exam, and at what point you will apply for General AHPRA registration.

Your training plan needs to be specific to your needs and will be reviewed by AHPRA upon renewal of your next registration period. Every 3 months, throughout your initial 12 months of registration, a report will be prepared by your supervisor and provided to AHPRA as an update on your progress. If you are found to have not complied with your training plan, there is a risk that your registration can potentially be suspended or refused on the following renewal.


 Practice Requirements

The practice will be required to provide supervision to you, according to the level of supervision specified on your PESCI exam results & AHPRA’s decision. This will involve the practice nominating two supervisors- The first being a primary supervisor and the second a co-supervisor (in the event your primary supervisor is not able to provide supervision.)

The supervisors will need to complete a work performance report which is sent to AHPRA every 3 months for first 12 months of your registration (and potentially beyond). This report will outline your progress towards fellowship, if you have achieved all intended activities as per your training plan, and recommendations for you to either remain on the same level of supervision or if they feel you are ready to move up a level of supervision.


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