Your Medicare Provider Number is Your Legal Responsibility

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Your Medicare Provider Number is Your Legal Responsibility


Did you know that Medicare has a strict set of rules that you need to abide by when you’re accessing their services either for bulk billing or your patients claiming a rebate?

The full MBS is available online and it is recommended that you get to know it- you can create yourself a “cheat sheet” on billing items you use often and good combinations of billing items.

If Medicare conducts an audit and you’re found to have not billed Medicare correctly (either by mistake or purposefully) then you will be required to pay the money back in full (including the % that you have paid to the practice)

The practice is not held accountable by Medicare which means you have no grounds for recouping the cost of their percentage from them.

This sounds scary but it doesn’t have to be!

Study the MBS and make sure you’re aware of what the practice is doing when you send the billing items through. You have a right to tell your employer if they are doing the wrong thing! You also have the responsibility to be aware of what the right thing to do it when it comes to Medicare. See that you do!

Here here for the link through to the MBS

Get reading!



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