I’m looking for a job but I’ve been told it is impossible…Is it true?

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This Week’s Question…?


I’m looking for a job but I’ve been told it is impossible. Is that true?


No. It isn’t.

It is competitive to get a job in Australia. We’re having a high level of interest from Medical Practitioners from all over the world applying to work in Australia. Our team suggest get as much experience as you can in a country where you presently have registration to work before attempting to get a job in Australia.

In addition to experience, you need to adhere to the expectations of your potential employers- don’t send your CV without an introduction email or with a standard “Dear Practice Manager”. Do your research on the clinic or hospital that you’re applying for and make it clear why you’re applying to them specifically. You should also try to contact the person making the decisions and introduce yourself over the phone.

Networking is also an incredibly important part of the Australian job market. Ensuring you are working or even volunteering in some of the locations where you are applying, going to CPD and conferences and actively participating in events will all contribute to you being an excellent candidate for the role.

Personality plays a significant part of decisions when interviewing- employers not only want to see a clear demonstration of your skills set, they want to know that you’re going to fit into the existing team and become an active, positive addition to their current roll call.

Our team work with doctors to help them build Curriculum Vitae’s, Covering Letters and streamline their Selection Criteria answers (where required). We offer guidance to those who want to learn and develop these skills for themselves. Here are a few tips we tell doctors when they are building their applications-


Your Employment CV

  • In Australia, CV’s rarely include a photo, or certain personal details such as your date of birth and marital status.
  • When applying for jobs, we have found (in our experience) that employers prefer to be presented with a short CV that provides an overview of your experience, and allows them to contact you if they wish to clarify and find out more about you.
  • Using a design & adding colour to your CV makes your resume memorable and will stand out from the thousands of AHPRA CV and RACGP CV’s that employers get. It’s important to ensure that the information is clear and easily accessible.
  • The front page of your CV should include the crucial information such as your contact details, your qualifications, your registration eligibility, and an overview of your career summary.
  • Consistency is key when creating your CV – having the same or similar fonts throughout your CV, using the same type of dot points and the same format for all applicable dates to make it easier for employers to read.
  • Always run a grammar and spelling check after you have completed the final adjustments to your CV.


Covering Letter

  • The purpose of a covering letter is to reflect your eligibility for the available role, tailoring your covering letter to each job you apply for will go a long way
  • Keeping it to one page is important as just like your CV, the most important information should be at the start of your letter
  • Covering off your registration eligibility within the first or second paragraph, and moving on to your experience will make this very clear to potential employers
  • Make sure to mention any activities you have completed that relates to Australia- observerships or CPD for Australian cultural awareness


Selection Criteria

  • Australian hospital jobs (and some GP jobs!) will require you to respond to ‘selection criteria’ as part of the application process. The purpose of answering the job selection criteria is to demonstrate your eligibility for the job and reflect your understanding of the job requirements
  • How you answer the selection criteria questions will weigh heavily on the overall decision whether to employ you
  • Selection criteria should be answered using the STAR Criteria and be in essay format (paragraphs just like university essays).
  • Always run a grammar and spelling check after you have completed the final adjustments to your Covering Letter.


While it is competitive to get work in Australia, it is not impossible or even hard providing you have good experience and you’re actively attempting to apply and integrate into the communities. We need doctors in Australia- ones who care about providing holistic and continuous healthcare to both our metro and our rural communities.


If our team can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We provide as much information as we can, and we help at every stage of the process. Contact our team at [email protected] to find out more about how we can help you.



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