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Have you been staring at a position description, AHPRA application, your RACGP time assessment or selection criteria and thinking… where on earth do I start? You’re not alone. We work with Medical Practices, Doctors, Specialists, Medical Recruitment Agencies & Hospitals to assist them in preparing their applications & documents. Because really- you specialise in being a Doctor or a Practice Manager. We specialise in this!

Standard Recruitment Packages



Our Recruitment Team Source a General Practitioner for Your Clinic
$ 18,000 + GST One Time Payment*
  • Extensive Job Description Completed
  • Advertising via Our Website & Advertising Partners
  • Sourcing of General Practitioner
  • Booking Interviews & Gaining Feedback
  • Negotiation of Contracts
  • Preparation of AHPRA & Medicare Application
  • Reference Checking
  • 3 month rebate period


Dedicated Recruitment Manager for Your Clinic
$ 2,400 + GST per month*

  • Face to Face (or Zoom) Discovery Session
  • Detailed PDF Recruitment Strategy & Practice CV
  • Advertising via Our Website, Advertising Partners & Internal Database with Weekly Progress Reports
  • Detailed Applicant Responses Pipe-lining Future Potential Candidates
  • Pre-Interviews & Feedback After Your Interview
  • Preparation of Offer Letter to Recruited Candidates
  • Preparation of AHPRA & Medicare Applications
  • Reference Checking & Assistance with Internal Onboarding

Bonus 'Add On' Packages


Retention Package

$ 350 + GST payment per Month
  • Pathway Document Preparation
  • Annual CPD plans tailored to each of your GPs
  • Sourcing Locums during Leave Period*
  • Birthday & Anniversary Tracking & Planning

What is the...

retention package

Many of our clients ask for ways they can incentivise Doctors to join their practice, or question how to keep their existing Doctors happy. What is your point of difference to other clinics in your area? 

How about offering to…

Manage their CPD plans for them 

On-Call Experts in GP Pathways

Recognise & Celebrate their Wins


Set Up & Go

$ 1,200 + GST one off payment
  • Prepare Detailed Recruitment Strategy
  • Write Advertisements
  • Set Up Your Advertising Platforms

What is...

Set Up & Go

Every Practice should have the opportunity to recruit themselves. Where to start though? Our experienced team can get you started and build a plan for you so all you need to do it remember to log on, and post! 

How this helps you…

We write adverts every day, so we know what to include! 

We know what platforms produce the best results!

Who has the time, honestly? We do, because it is what we do!