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General Practice Updates

In a constantly changing environment, we summarise the most important updates for General Practitioners. 

This week’s summary includes updates from:

  • AGPT


PESCIs scheduled during Coronavirus Pandemic – 

All ACCRM PESCIs in the next coming months have been postponed. ACRRM is now in the process of trialling an online interview video conferencing format with both panellists and IMG’s calling in remotely. If AHPRA is happy with this format and the reporting outcomes, ACRRM will then be contacting applicants and recommencing interviews via this method. 

Due to this pandemic and new way of interviewing, there may be a need to reprioritise the applicants beginning with those residing in the same state as their job offer, then those out of state and finally overseas applicants. 

Obviously this might cause delays, so for those who cannot or don’t want to proceed via this process are able to get a full refund.


KFP Exam Results – 

RACGP KFP 2019 Exam Results are now available on the RACGP website. As usual, individual results are accessible via their RACGP account. RACGP also publishes a Public Exam Report available to anyone that provides more general information about the outcomes and performance of the cohort.

Find the Public Exam Report Here 

Hope everyone did really well! 


In response to the COVID-19 restrictions and requirements, the RACGP has made the decision to suspend PESCIs for the next 3 months.

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AGPT application extensions – 

In acknowledgement of the current circumstances, the application period for RACGP’s AGPT Program has been extended to 11 May 2020 at 10am. There will also be two commencement periods available for the 2021 AGPT Program Cohort to accommodate those whose General Registration applications may have been delayed; January/February and July/August 2021. 

Despite the ongoing situation in Australia regarding COVID-19, the CAAKT will be going ahead on the scheduled dates with a possible extended testing period, and alternative delivery methods currently under consideration. All AGPT applicants will be kept informed of any decisions made in relation to the CAAKT.

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Pandemic response sub-register – 

In order to combat the increasing demand of medical practitioners, AHPRA have established a 12 month pandemic response sub- register. Essentially medical practitioners, nurses, midwives and pharmacists who have previously held general or specialist registration but are no longer registered and still meet relevant qualification, competence and suitability requirements will be added to this sub- register and will be able to practice for the next 12 months. 

To read more please keep your eyes open for our upcoming blog or check the AHPRA website

Continuing Professional Development –

The Medical Board of Australia will not take action if CPD registration standards see unable to be met when renewing medical registration this year. Although the undertaking of CPD activities is encouraged, it is understood that this may become difficult due to withdrawn/denied leave requests, conference cancellations and reprioritisation to meet workforce needs. 

Increased flexibility for registration requirements for international medical graduates (IMGs) – 

The Medical Board of Australia has decided to enable IMG’s within hospitals with limited and provisional registration to be redeployed easily without formal application to the Board. The Board will accept a written notice from the Director of Medical Services for the following changes: 

  1. change in supervisor
  2. change in position
  3. change in supervision level
  4. other change in circumstances 

For 2020 also, the Board will not refuse to renew an IMG’s registration or refuse to re-register an IMG solely on the fact they have been unable to sit an AMC or college exam.

Read more about the specific requirements surrounding the changes above here 


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