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This week’s summary includes updates from:

  • Department of Health
  • HCF



Doctors’ Fee Transparency Website Goes Live But Fails to List Who Charges What – 

The Department of Health recently launched their ‘Medical Cost Finder’ website. A website that promised fee transparency for specialist in- hospital treatments. The Morrison government pledged that the website would not only estimate out of pocket health costs for in-hospital treatments but also to list the fees of individual specialists in an attempt to crack down on doctors who were charging exorbitant fees. However, though the website launched prior to its promised date January 1, it went live without this key feature, prompting backlash from the Opposition. Despite this, the chairman of the Australian Medical Association stated that out of the hundreds of doctors he had spoken to, not one was willing to publish their fees.

Read More: https://snip.ly/vo5vjq 

Find the Website: https://snip.ly/3p86w6 



‘Relax. Be yourself. Be present’: Tips for sitting your FRACGP – 

Recipient of the Monty Kent- Hughes Memorial Medal, Dr Jordan Young stated that three simple rules helped him achieve top marks in his RACGP Fellowship Exam- Relax, Be yourself, be present. He emphasised the importance of being genuine and approaching each scenario the way you would in real life, allowing you to focus and not second guess yourself based on what you think the examiner might want to see or hear. He also asserted that almost everything said would be important and that if you pay close attention you are less likely to miss important information. 

Read More: https://snip.ly/slo6n0

Practice Experience Program – 

Applications for RACGP’s Practice Experience Program open on the 13th of January and close on the 31st. RACGP Practice Experience Program or PEP is an online educational program that is designed to support non VR doctors on their path to Fellowship with RACGP. 

Apply Here: https://snip.ly/tayzja 



HCF Calls for Independent Regulator of Medical Devices – 

Concerns regarding the motivations behind the implantation of certain medical devices as being based on commercial rather than clinical factors has been raised by prominent health insurer HCF. Its Chief Executive, Sheena Jack has called for the establishment of an independent regulatory body to monitor and regulate medical devices that would compare the efficacy of different brands and make recommendations. 

Read More: https://snip.ly/zypg1u 



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