What do we know about the change from District of Workforce Shortage to Distribution of Priority Areas?

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What do we know about the change from District of Workforce Shortage to Distribution of Priority Areas?  



As of the 1st July 2019, District of Workforce Shortage will cease to exist for General Practitioners and those restricted by 19AB will now be required to work within a Distribution of Priority Areas. 



Do we know what the Distribution of Priority Areas (DPA) will look like? 

At this stage, no. The Dept of Health have advised they will be updating the DoctorConnect map on July 1st 2019. We do know that Inner Metropolitan areas are automatic Non-DPA locations (this has also been the case for DWS, so no dramatic change there!) and MMM 5 – 7, and the Northern Territory are automatically classed as DPA. 



How often will DPA be updated? 

DPA will be updated every 3 years



How are they figuring out DPA?

DPA will be based not only on GP to Population ratio, but include considerations such as gender, age and socioeconomic status of the population. 



Will DPA affect current contracts? 

The information in the fact sheet doesn’t address whether contracts signed prior to 1st July 2019 however the Department of Health has put in writing to our team that they will continue to take prior employment negotiations into consideration where there has been a change of DWS/DPA status prior to the doctor submitting their Medicare provider number applications.



Will exemptions from DWS / DPA such as spousal, replacement and after hours still exist? 

This was not addressed in the fact sheet however, the Department of Health has confirmed in writing that there are no changes to the existing provisions of the 19AB Guidelines as of 1 July 2019.



Further Updates

We have a number of questions with the Department of Health pending an answer and will keep putting out updates as we know them. There will be more official information released on July 1st 2019.



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Read our blog: ithttps://peoplemedical.com.au/health-workforce-distribution-priority-areas/ 

Dept of Health Fact Sheet: http://www.doctorconnect.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/1826364B912B1305CA2584200004ACF7/$File/Factsheet%20Distribution%20Priority%20Areas%20-%20June%202019.pdf 

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