What do you love about Australia?

Australia is a beautiful country.


We have vibrant regional landscapes, tropical rainforests, beautiful beaches and shady forests.

As General Practice recruitment specialists, many of the doctors we work with have relocated to Australia from other countries.

If there is one thing I’m coming to realise, it’s that Australian’s (myself included!) take advantage of how beautiful our country is.

One of the questions our team has been asking is “what made you decide to move to Australia?”

The answers are so varied.

What we hear most often, though, is that it is for a better life – better career prospective, more freedom for children and because Australia is a beautiful country.

Our resident Kiwi would argue that New Zealand is more beautiful but since he moved to Australia, we’re declaring his argument void (for now!). Sorry Tully!

It’s time we started appreciating what we have here  and what better way than to hear directly from you? We want to see Australia through the eyes of our clients!

We’re running a competition – we want to see your photos and hear your words.


What do you love about Australia?


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