What happens when a clinic loses DWS?

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What happens when a clinic loses DWS?  


For Their Existing Doctors… 

Nothing will change- any doctors presently working in the clinic with a provider number will be able to continue working there. Their experience will continue to count towards both their fellowship and towards reducing their moratorium.    


For Future Recruitment of Doctors 

If a clinic loses DWS, they will have several options when it comes to recruitment.  

The first is to find a GP who is unrestricted by DWS. For some clinics this is par for the course and for others it is an impossible dream.  

Other options available are exemptions such as: 


After Hours 

A GP can work after 6pm and prior to 8am weekdays, after 12pm Saturdays and all day on Sunday and Public holidays to meet their DWS requirement. it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that if a GP is non-VR and PR/citizen then 19AA must be met first. If you aren’t sure about 19AA, please ask!  



If a GP leaves your clinic, they should sign a Stat Dec confirming their leaving the area and close their provider number. These two confirmation documents will allow the clinic to replace the GP within the following 12 months.  



It is really important to note a few things here.  

Firstly- if you are PR/Citizen, the GP will also need to be VR to be eligible for a spousal exemption.  


Secondly- the clinic needs to be a reasonable distance from your spouse’s place of employment/learning/volunteering.  


Finally- your partner will need to be assessed as a skilled occupation within the last 10 years, and if they’re a GP then they’ll need to hold a current exemption or be unrestricted.  


How Can We Help? 

Our team help General Practitioners both with finding jobs and helping with the full applications process including finding the best pathway to fellowship for you and your life goals. If we can help, please contact us at [email protected].   


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