What is a Replacement District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) and How Do I Get One?

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What is a Replacement District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) and How Do I Get One?

What is a Replacement DWS?

A ‘Replacement DWS’ means that if a General Practitioner who is restricted by DWS is working in a location under a DWS Provider Number leaves the clinic, the practice is entitled to find another GP who may be restricted by DWS to use that DWS.


Why Would a General Practitioner have a DWS Provider Number if the Location is not DWS?

The GP who is leaving may have started working in the practice while it was a DWS location, which is why they’re working under a DWS provider number.


What does the departing General Practitioner have to do?

The departing GP will have to stop working in the area (defined as the “SA2” area on DoctorConnect) and sign a Statutory Declaration confirming that they will no longer be working in that area. They will also need to close their provider number and provide a copy of the cancellation to the practice.


How Long Does the Practice Have to Replace the Doctor?

The practice has 12 months from the date of closure of the provider number to find a new GP.


 As a Practice, What Should You Do?

It’s important for practices to consider requesting these documents from your GP’s when they hand in their notice. Some practices will put it in their contracts as well.


 As a GP, What Should You Do?

For GP’s, holding onto your DWS is you’re planning on moving out of the area for good won’t help you in your new practice- the DWS is SA2 specific so please consider providing these documents to your practice when you leave.


An Extra Fact For You!

Finally, it’s important to remember (especially at this time when DWS is changing) that if you commenced your negotiations prior to DWS changes, then you’re able to continue and be eligible for a DWS exemption.


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