What is the difference between the “OMP’s” and the 3GA programs such as AMDS or RLRP?


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What is the difference between the “OMP’s” and the 3GA programs such as AMDS or RLRP?


The 3GA programs are designed to help doctors who are NON-VR and who are PR or Australian Citizens meet 19AA of the health act, so they can access Medicare rebateable services.


The OMPS Programs are designed to reward NON-VR GP’s who meet certain conditions, by granting them access to A1 Medicare rates (the same as a VR doctor) rather than the A2 rates they can generally access.


The two programs are sometimes mistaken as the same, as several programs from each stream are aligned. Both programs are intended to assist hard to recruit to positions attract candidates, such as rural areas (RLRP – 3GA & ROMPS – OMPS) or After Hours (AMDS – 3GA & AHOMPS – OMPS) so it is easy to think that they are the same.


It’s important to note that AHOMPS is not just eligible for an AMDS, but also for any accredited practice open during the specified times.



Clinic Eligibility for AHOMPS include:

· being accredited by GPA or AGPAL


Practitioner Eligibility for AHOMPS include:

· Be Registered with AHPRA

· Be Non-VR

· Commit to working towards fellowship within 6 years


For AHOMPs, after-hours are defined as:

· between 6pm and 8am on weekdays

· before 8am and from 12pm on Saturday

· all day Sunday and public holidays


Non-urgent after-hours consultations (Item Number 5000, 5020, 5040 & 5060) can only be claimed from 8pm on weekdays, from 1pm on Saturdays and all day on Sundays and public holidays.


Urgent item 588 can only be claimed if your practice is located in an eligible regional or remote area. Eligible areas in relation to claiming item 588 have been determined using the Modified Monash Model (MMM 3 to 7).


*See Below for a handy graph taken from the AHOMPS guidelines to help with the Medicare item numbers.



Clinic Eligibility for ROMPS include:

· Be located in a RRMA 4 – 7 OR


· Be an approved ‘area of consideration’


Practitioner Eligibility for ROMPS include:

· Be Non-VR

· Commit to working towards fellowship


There are a number of other programs under OMPS such as:

· MedicarePlus: For GP’s registered prior to 1996

· OMOMPS: NON-VR, unrestricted GP’s registered prior to 1996

· TROMPS: Not Applicable as eligible candidates were notified


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