What is the Rural Generalist Training Scheme?

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This is a FAQ BLOG and you can refer to our Pathways to GP Fellowship in Australia blog here.

To be eligible to complete the ACRRM Fellowship, you must have participated in one of their training programs, which includes AGPT, RVTS, ACRRM Independent Pathway and now—the Rural Generalist Training Scheme. 

This is a program that is fully structured, delivered in an online environment with face to face components and has a large self guided learning feel.

Am I Eligible?

To participate on RGTS, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen
  • Have an Australian Medical Council (AMC) recognised medical qualification
  • Hold General AHPRA Registration
  • Have a job offer or be currently working in a MMM 2-7 location.

How long is the program?

This is a 4-year program broken into 3 years of Core General Training (CGT), and 1 year of Advanced Specialist Training (AST).

Where will I work?

You will need to be working or have a job offer in a MMM 2-7 location. If you are restricted by 19AB, the practice will also need to be in a DPA location.

How Much Does RGTS Cost?

You’ll pay a $700 application fee, and an ongoing ACRRM membership fee of $430 per year. You’ll also need to pay for Fellowship assessments.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Online Application

You can apply via the ACRRM website as an online application. It contains submitting your personal details and filling out the suitability assessment. You can visit their site here.

Step 2: Referee Reports

You need to provide contact details for 2 medical practitioner referees. These referees should have supervised you before for at least 4 weeks for the past 3 years. Referees must not be a relative or a close friend, for they will accomplish a confidential survey to be submitted to the College.

Step 3: Multiple Mini Interviews

This is a behavioural-based assessment, offering six scenarios. You’ll have 2 minutes to read through, and 8 minutes to respond. You can prepare by reading the program selection criteria- at this stage, there are no recommended preparation courses.

Step 4: Offers released

You will be given an application outcome through email.

Note: The information presented above has been gathered from the ACRRM website and has been updated as of 2023-12-05.

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