Why do Overseas Trained Doctors use Recruitment Companies?

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Partnering with an agency is often a point of contention for many practice managers and owners. A question we were recently asked by a Practice Manager was ‘Why do GPs partner with agencies?’.

Here are the primary reasons a Doctor will partner with an agency:

Expertise & Know How

Like many practices we work with, Doctors aren’t always 100% sure of the requirements for them to obtain AHPRA registration, or how to meet their Medicare restrictions to be eligible to bill Medicare rebatable services. Many Doctors come to us after being offered a role to determine their eligibility and some come to us after AHPRA or Medicare have refused their applications to help them either fix their applications or source them a role that will allow them to work.

Time & Energy

A Doctor can quite often find their own job. Between the practice and them, they can potentially sort out their own paperwork as well. However; between working, studying and managing their family- the idea of getting out there and doing all that can be overwhelming. Going through the process of determining where a practice is, whether they can go there and whether the practice is going to do the right thing by them and then getting themselves started is sometimes easier left to a professional person who does it every day, and can get it done quickly and efficiently for them.


When a Doctor is seeking work outside of an agency, they may ask a friend. They may look on Seek or Indeed or in their RACGP/ACRRM magazine. Perhaps they’ll walk down to their local. 

However, partnering with an agency gives them the ability to access a broad range of jobs tailored to their preferences. They don’t need to comb through hundreds of jobs on Seek- they can tell their consultant exactly what they are after and we come back with a selection of our top 3 that meet their ideal job as closely as we can make it. 

Working with an agency also gives them the ability to access our experience. An agency knows which practices treat their Doctors well, and can give the Doctor the ability to see what their future with the practice might look like.

A Practice is good at managing their practice, a Doctor is good at treating their patients and we are good at recruiting Doctors 

Our team has been in the industry since 2012 and we have a team dedicated to ensuring we are up to date on the latest changes to AHPRA, Medicare and the Fellowship pathways. We prepared documents for PESCI, AHPRA, RACGP & ACRRM, Medicare exemptions and AHPRA refusals. Our recruitment consultants are looking for long term placements because we’re aware of the ramifications both to a practice and to our own reputation if our Doctors do not stick around long term. We try to connect our doctors with their “forever” practice, taking into account their needs in terms of schooling options for children, available amenities such as mosques or temples, or even just a simple desire to live and work by the beach.

Note: The information presented above has been updated as of 2023-10-24.

We Can Help You

Here at People Medical Consulting, we have a passion for guiding medical practitioners through their career pathways to Australia. We have extensive experience in assisting medical facilities in recruiting doctors from local and overseas who will best suit their requirements.

We provide Document Assistance for those requiring support for their PESCI with IME, ACRRM or RACGP, registration and all other mandatory AHPRA requirements, fellowship program related forms and letters, application for Medicare provider and prescriber numbers, application for 19AB or 19AA exemptions and preparation of employment documents.

If you’re looking for assistance, contact us at help@peoplemedical.com.au and we would be glad to help you.

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