Why I Do What I Do…Medical Recruitment

Why I love my job in Medical Recruitment…

Blogs, I’ve discovered, are ‘in’ and apparently a hip way of connecting with your audience. I’ve decided to add in a blog every now and then firstly and foremost because I think they’re right (Don’t tell them I said that) and it means that possibly I won’t need to keep repeating myself. Although…this message is one I never get sick of repeating!

I LOVE my job.

People Medical Consulting (to give you the company line) was started to add a bit of humanity back into the industry – this is not to say there isn’t some already but I absolutely wanted to make my mark.

Recruitment – and those that work in our industry – are often defined as a bunch of money grubbing idiots, who lack in ethics and even understanding of their supposed area of expertise. I’ll not deny that there are those of us who fill that tutu right down to the last ruffle. I can see you sitting there nodding your heads – you’ve all had that cold call from a recruiter with their sales pitch and as soon as you mention something industry specific and demonstrate your own knowledge, the call gets wound up very smartly!

I’m writing today because I’ve spent significant time over the past three years learning my industry inside out – because I love what I do. I’m never going to admit to knowing it all – the health industry is ever changing and half the time, one person in a department (we all know which one) will tell you something is correct only to have another one tell you something entirely different! Trial and error is often the best learning experience and I’ve spent all my time in Medical Recruitment doing my absolute best to ensure that my clients and candidates have the quickest and most correct resolution.

I’m not tooting my own horn (it’s more of a meep anyway…) but I want the industry to know that there are definitely recruiters out there – and I know of many – who suffer the somewhat questionable legislation, to make true connections with you – our clients.

Yup, we charge a fee – and it is a wide range of hefty. I’m not going to wax lyrical about the reasoning behind fees or the amazingly wide range I’ve seen in my time – that will be for another blog. We’re a business and just the same as you don’t want to charge your patients for a visit, half of us wish we could give you your new staff member for free. But we can’t – because we’re a business too. I wish we had bulk billing!

To round out my article, because you don’t have all day to sit around reading a blog from your favourite (she says hopefully…) recruiter – some of those calls you get are from people who simply love what they do. Forging a strong connection between you- a Medical Facility looking to add an extra staff member or a Health Professional looking to embark your career- is our goal and the call we get in 6 months telling us how happy you are is our true payday.

Have a fantastic day today and don’t forget to be awesome.

Signing off, with love for what I do.


Megan Shorter is our Founder & Managing Director. People Medical Consulting started in 2014 with the intent to help people, and here we are. Reach out if you need a hand! 

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