Why is it important for me to stick to only one recruitment agency as a doctor…?


Why should I exclusively sign with just one agency…?

As a Doctor seeking out a new employment opportunity, you have a lot of options about where to look for work. You can apply for jobs on Indeed or Seek, you can go straight to agency websites such as the Rural Workforce Agencies or Recruitment Agencies. You can also call one or many agencies and have them present you with options. Whilst it may seem like a great idea to have as many people looking for you as possible, there are many benefits to working exclusively with one agency. 

Reason 1 – It saves you time-

The journey towards becoming a doctor in Australia can be complicated and things can change very quickly. It can become a hassle to constantly be updating multiple agencies and at times even multiple consultants within these agencies about the things that have changed in your life and journey. 

Reason 2 – You build trust and get better options from your agent-

Working with an agency on a one to one basis builds trust, and gives the agency incentive to work extra hard to ensure you are offered the right role as quickly as possible. 

Reason 3 – It can make you look bad- 

See reason 1! Are you going to remember to update every single person you spoke to along your journey? If not, some agencies will be sending your personal details long after you’ve spoken to them. Although the policy of reputable agencies is to only send a CV with the Doctor’s permission- some agencies unfortunately send your details out anyway. Even if you don’t send your CV to everyone, you risk your name being put forward by everyone you speak to. Practices will easily identify someone based on their background, interests and potential start date even without a name which reflects poorly on your application as you will likely be put forward to the same practices by multiple people. If a Practice feels like they’re in competition, they may be less likely to start contract negotiations with you as you might quit halfway through the process for another job. 

Reason 4 – Find someone who knows their stuff-

Last but not least, only a handful of agencies specialise in IMG recruitment. Before you speak with an agency, check their blog – do they provide correct and current industry information about IMG recruitment? The most disappointing thing for Doctors is getting excited for a role and going through the interview process, only to learn that Medicare has rejected their provider number because 19AA or 19AB hasn’t been met. Worse, you might start in a role and have to leave to pursue Fellowship elsewhere as the requirements aren’t met at the practice you’ve been placed in! 

The process can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and unfair but having a good support system in place and working with industry specialists who know their stuff will make your journey easier. Whether it’s with us, or another agent you trust- keep these points in mind next time you’re looking for a new job! 

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