Can I be restricted by 19AA and 19AB at the same time?


You will be restricted by 19AA if you are a permanent resident or Australian citizen until you gain your fellowship and you will be restricted by 19AB for a ten year moratorium if you completed your degree overseas. So, if you completed your degree overseas and are a Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen you will be restricted by both 19AA and 19AB. 

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Here at People Medical Consulting, we have a passion for guiding medical practitioners through their career pathways to Australia. We have extensive experience in assisting medical facilities in recruiting doctors from local and overseas who will best suit their requirements.

We provide Document Assistance for those requiring support for their PESCI with IME, ACRRM or RACGP, registration and all other mandatory AHPRA requirements, fellowship program related forms and letters, application for Medicare provider and prescriber numbers, application for 19AB or 19AA exemptions and preparation of employment documents.

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