Can I reduce my moratorium by working rurally?

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Can I reduce my moratorium by working rurally?  


The Short Answer

Yes- Medicare and the Department of Health introduced ‘Scaling’ in 2009 which means the more rural a GP works, the faster they will get through their moratorium.


How does it work?

The Scaling is based of the ‘RA’ system. This chart gives you a bit of an idea how the scaling works- the reduction would only be if you meet the minimum monthly requirement in billing (see below), and if you work the full time there (for the ‘years’).


e.g. if you work 7 years in an RA 3, then you’ve finished your moratorium time.


To be eligible, you must be

  • working in an eligible location in a DWS (or hold an exemption) and be claiming Medicare; and
  • achieve a minimum monthly billing threshold of $5,000.00


A Few Points to Note!

  • Scaling does not count prior to 1st July 2010
  • Roles that do not attract Medicare benefits will not have access to Scaling
  • You can keep track of your scaling through HPOS! It is updated at the end of every month.  
  • if you’re working across multiple locations, they will apply the scaling from the location where you billed the most during the month.
  • You need to be working a minimum of 20 hours per week for scaling to apply.    


How Can We Help?

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