Can my Supervisor Have More Than One Level 1 Supervised GP?

Can my Supervisor Have More Than One Level 1 Supervised GP?

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Can my Supervisor Have More Than One Level 1 Supervised GP?  


Only If…

Your supervisor is NOT seeing their own patients


A supervisor who does not see their own patients while supervising GPs may supervise more than one GP who has Level 1 Supervision however; it is still up to a maximum of four GPs.  


What if…

Your supervisor is still seeing their own patients?


If they are, then they will not be able to supervise more than one Level 1 GP.


Your supervisor is allowed one GP on level 1 supervision and up to three other GPs providing they are levels 2, 3, or 4 supervision). Your supervisor can not supervise any more than four GPs.


How about…

If they currently have a GP on Level 1 but that GP should be on Level 2 by the time you start?

There is never any guarantee that a GP will be granted a supervision level increase. AHPRA will not take this into consideration when assessing your case, they will assume the GP will continue on Level 1 supervision.


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