Common Interview Questions

Our team has gathered the below information on common questions asked in interviews; however, please keep in mind this is to be used as a guide only. Each interview is different, and you may be asked similar or additional questions.


  • Tell us more about yourself? 
  • Tell us more about your family?  
  • Why are you coming to Australia? 
  • What attracted you to this position? 
  • What can you bring to this hospital? 
  • What do you hope to achieve this year? 
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 
  • What do you consider to be your most important practical skills? 


Do Your Research- 

  • Make sure you understand the duties involved as part of the role before attending your interview  
  • It’s recommended that you do a bit of research about the hospital itself; is there anything they are involved in that you are particularly passionate about? 

 Prepare Some Example Scenarios- 

  • By preparing your scenarios and examples before your interview, you are less likely to feel flustered when asked to provide an example  
  • Ideally your scenarios and examples should reflect your skill set and achievements positively, be sure to keep them clear and to the point 

Be Organised- 

  • Ensure you have identified what time you need to arrive and who you need to speak to (consider where to park if in person) 
  • Bring a copy of your CV and Covering Letter just in case  

Stay Calm- 

  • Trust in yourself, you got this! 

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