Does having PR affect my ability to get AHPRA Registration for a GP position?

Does PR affect AHPRA Registration

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Does having PR affect my ability to get AHPRA Registration for a GP position?


Having PR WILL NOT affect your ability to get AHPRA Registration for a GP position

Your residency status does not have any effect on whether AHPRA will grant you registration. The same criteria for experience will apply (see our last blog)


What does my residency status affect?

Your residency status WILL affect your ability to get a Medicare Provider Number- it is important that you check what these restrictions are before applying to AHPRA or for Permanent Residency.


What is 19AA?

A GP who is a PR or citizen who is a NON VR (has not completed fellowship) is restricted by 19AA, requiring you to be on a 3GA program before you can access Medicare. Read here:


Is there an exemption?

As a doctor applying for Limited AHPRA Registration, you may be eligible for an exemption program (SAPP) for up to 2 years; however, after this time you will need to find another program.


As a doctor applying for General AHPRA Registration, keep in mind that once you’ve been granted General Registration, you may no longer meet the requirements for SAPP.


How can we help?

It is incredibly important to consider all of your restrictions before accepting a contract and applying for a PESCI/AHPRA and/or Provider Number. Please contact our team if you have questions or concerns!


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