Does my PESCI expire?

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After you pass a PESCI, it is recommended that you apply for AHPRA as soon as you can. However, we understand situations can occur that delay the submission of your AHPRA Application. For this reason, we have answered the question ‘When does my PESCI expire?’ below!


Is there an official PESCI Expiry date?

AHPRA and ACRRM do not have an official expiry date for their PESCIs. However, it is recommended that you apply for AHPRA Registration within 12 months of sitting your PESCI.

RACGP PESCIs are valid for 12 months, but AHPRA will still consider your application if your PESCI is older than 12 months as they do not have an official expiry date.

If your PESCI is older than 12 months, AHPRA may request evidence of an ongoing Observership at the practice or evidence of engagement in CPD activities. If AHPRA has concerns regarding the time between your PESCI and AHPRA Application or possible changes in the Practice or population, they may ask you to complete another PESCI and will arrange an extension of your AHPRA Application.

If my Application is already in with AHPRA, Do I need to worry about how long it has been since I sat my PESCI?

If your application is already in with AHPRA and it was submitted within 12 months of you sitting the PESCI, you will not need to worry about how long it has been since you originally sat your PESCI.

If you submitted your AHPRA application after 12 months from your PESCI, you won’t need to worry about your PESCI unless AHPRA contacts you to address any concerns they may have or with a request for you to undertake another PESCI.

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