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A lot of the IMG doctors we work with that are eligible for Limited/Provisional Registration have been out of practice for either a few months or a few years.

The process of joining the Australian health system can take a while for some of our IMGs as there is a lot of variables to consider. For example, you could be waiting to get a hospital job, preparing for the AMC Clinic or there could be complications in your AHPRA application.

A gap from practice and learning all new systems and processes can be daunting or stressful for some of our doctors, so we wanted to give you some tips for getting back into practice!

What should I do to prepare?

Before you go back into practice it is beneficial to make sure your clinical knowledge and skills in the relevant medical department are up to date! If you feel like you need a refresher, it is a great idea to do some CPD activities and courses as this will help update your knowledge and familiarise you with the Australian Health System.

If you are able to complete an Observership before you start, it would also be helpful as you will have the opportunity to learn about the hospital, meet the staff and familiarise yourself with your surroundings before you start.

You can also prepare a list of questions you have to ask during the orientation to make sure these are covered prior to you starting work.

What will the practice or hospital do to prepare me?

Any hospital or practice you go to will run you through an orientation. The orientation should include an introduction to the relevant staff members, the equipment available, the electronic system in use, protocols and guidelines in place and more. Use this opportunity to ask as many questions as you need and make sure you feel like your orientation has covered everything you will need.

As you will be on Limited or Provisional Registration you will also have a Principal Supervisor and Co-Supervisor. Depending on your Supervision Level, you will have frequent meetings with your Principal Supervisor to go over your performance, patient cases, strengths and weaknesses and any questions you may have. If you need additional support, your Supervisors will be there to support you and guide you, so make sure you ask for help when you need it!

Tips for Going Back into Practice

Here are some quick tips for making sure you are prepared:

  • Complete CPD Activities for the field in which you will be working, so you are up to date with any advancements
  • The first few days will be hard, and you will feel exhausted at the end of your shift but stick with it and believe in yourself because it will get easier and you’ll get the hang of things!
  • You’ll be learning a whole new system and different processes, so take extra time with these responsibilities if you can, so you don’t feel stressed and rushed.
  • Remember to take time for yourself! When your shift is over, prioritise doing something you enjoy and find relaxing, like exercise, cooking, reading, etc.
  • Make sure you eat proper meals, drink water and get a good night’s sleep!
  • Speaking to senior colleagues to get their tips and advice within your field of medicine.

How Can We Help You

If you are looking for further guidance on getting back into practice or would like to ask further questions about the information mentioned, this is something our team can help you with. Contact us directly on

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