How does a GP earn in Australia?

How does a GP earn in Australia?

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How does a GP earn in Australia?  



GPs earn a % of billings…

Rather than an hourly rate or annual salary, a GP will (usually) earn a percentage of the amount each patient pays to see them. For example, if a general consult is $75 and your negotiated percentage is 65% of billings, then you will earn $48.75 per standard consult that you do.



What about the initial hourly rate that is offered?

This is referred to as an ‘initial guarantee’. Some practices will offer between $100/hour to $150/hour for a period of 4 weeks or up to 3 months while you are establishing your patient base. This is not always offered- it is something that is negotiated when signing a contract.




In Australia, most GPs work as contractors rather than employees. There are some practices who are happy to offer an employment contract. This is something to discuss when signing a contract with a practice.



Does the practice take tax out for me?

This doesn’t usually happen- no. You’ll need to find yourself a good accountant, and set yourself up as a sole trader or company (get recommendations from your accountant!) and complete quarterly BAS statements and annual tax returns for your ABN or company.



What about leave?

This is not usually a part of the agreement. Once again though, each situation can be different.



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