How to Check the Health Workforce Locator

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As a GP in Australia, you may be restricted by 19AA or 19AB and required to work in specific areas.

To confirm if a practice you are interested in joining is in the classifications you require, you can look at the Health Workforce Locator map here 

We have put together a video on how to check the health workforce locator which you can find here

If you are unable to watch the video, please find the instructions below:

  • If you are restricted by 19AB, you will need to tick the GPs box next to the Distribution Priority Area.
  • If you are restricted by 19AA, you will need to tick the 2019 box next to the Modified Monash Model.
  • If you are restricted by 19AA and 19AB, you will tick both of the above.

The next step is to click Find Address and add in either the exact address of the practice you are considering joining or the name of a suburb you would like to work in. 

Then click Search Location and it will show the classifications you need to see below. 

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