I am a Permanent Resident, will I be eligible for a 3GA program in an MMM 1 area?

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If you are a Permanent Resident, you will be able to work in an MMM 1 area on the following programs if you meet the listed location criteria:

  • AMDS Program: You will be required to work during the after-hours periods with an accredited AMDS
  • AGPT: If you hold an approved Spousal Exemption, you can apply for the General Pathway under AGPT which will allow you to work in the metropolitan area. 
  • FSP: Applications of doctors who wish to join FSP but are employed in an MM1 area will be subject to approval of exceptional circumstances. Please refer to this link for the list of Extenuating and Unforeseen Circumstances provided by RACGP: https://www.racgp.org.au/education/registrars/fellowship-pathways/policy-framework/guidance-documents/pep-extenuating-and-unforeseen-circumstances 

I don’t meet the above location criteria, what are my options?

If you don’t meet any of the above, you will have the following options:

  • AGPT: You can apply for AGPT through the Rural Pathway. 
  • FSP: You will need to be practicing in a MMM 2 – 7 location and if required, meeting any 19AB restrictions. 
  • MDRAP: You will need to be practicing in a MMM 2 – 7 and a DPA area.
  • RVTS: You will need to be practicing in a MMM 4 – 7 area and if required, be meeting any 19AB restrictions. You will need to already be working in the practice prior to applying, but you can initially join MDRAP before transitioning to RVTS.
  • ACRRM Independent Pathway: For participants commencing from July 2020, you will be required to be working in a MMM 2 – 7 area and be meeting any 19AB restrictions.
  • RGTS: You will need to be practicing in a MMM 2 – 7 and a DPA area.

Please note, with all of these programs there is specific eligibility criteria for GPs that you will need to ensure you meet prior to applying.

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