If my practice is in an MMM 1 area, as a Non-VR GP can I access A7 rates?

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If my practice is in an MMM 1 area, as a Non-VR GP can I access A7 rates?


Non-VR GPs in MMM 1 areas will not be able to access all of the A7 items. Alternatively they will need to:

  • Use A2 items for standard GP services (60% of the VR rate)
  • Use A19 items for attendances associated with Practice Incentive Payments (60% of the VR rate)
  • Use the relevant subgroups under A7 for all other services (80% of the VR rate)


There are no changes to the MBS fees for participants on training programs, such as AGPT, RVTS, ACRRM Independent Pathway and PEP  as these programs provide access to A1 rates.

If I am on OMPS, does this apply to me?


If you are participating in an OMPS program, you can continue accessing higher level rates  until your grandfathering finishes on the 30th of June 2023. If you have not achieved Fellowship by this date, you will revert to the fee arrangements for Non-VR GPs. 


Please note, applications for OMPS are no longer open, so only existing participants are able to access OMPS.

I am in a MMM 2 – 7 area, can I access A7 rates?


Non-VR GPs practicing in MMM 2 – 7 areas will be able to access all of the items under Group A7 they are eligible for. 


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