Limited AHPRA VS Provisional AHPRA

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There are 3 types of AHPRA applications when first applying to AHPRA on the Standard Pathway. What are they, and what is the difference?


Provisional AHPRA Registration

If you have AMC Part 1 & Part 2, you apply for APRI-30 (Provisional AHPRA Registration). You can sit for a PESCI before applying for this registration.


Limited AHPRA Registration – Area of Need

If the clinic holds an Area of Need certificate & you have 3 years assessed experience (it isn’t required to be assessed by RACGP, but AHPRA will conduct a similar assessment so this ensures you are safe!), you can apply for AANG-30 (Limited AHPRA Registration- Area of Need). You will need to apply to AHPRA before sitting for a PESCI exam to confirm you are eligible to proceed.


Limited AHPRA Registration – Post Graduate Training & Supervised Practice

If you have completed a full training plan, then you can apply for ALPS-30 (Limited AHPRA- Post Graduate Training / Supervised Practice). You can sit for a PESCI before applying for this registration. There are many doctors presently using this as a way of getting around the Area of Need 3 year requirement however; we do not yet have confirmation that AHPRA are not holding the 3 year requirement to this type of registration as well. We are waiting feedback from several of our pending cases.


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